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Fan Art Contest!

The first Terah novel, Wolf's Pawn, is about how Sajani Adida, the Minister of Defense for the nation of Vharkylia, became Sajani, the Lady of Rust, the Copper Wolf, and the most famous of the privateers fighting against the high elves during the Campaign of Steel and Lightning.

In preparation for its release in the fall of this year, we're holding a couple of contests. The first is for artists and starts now. There will be three winners, with prizes of $100, $50, and $25. All winners will also receive an advance digital copy of the novel, one week before the official release. If there are more than 25 entries, we'll also award four runner-up winners with an advance digital copy.

So be sure to share this with your artistic family and friends.

The subject is really simple: Draw us Sajani. Any medium is fine, as long as we can receive a digital version of it. We prefer PG rated art. We don't even want to see Rule 34. One version of her is in our gallery. You can also draw her mother, Malita Adida, but you'll need to read parts of the novel for that, which I can provide. Any other characters from the story can be pictured with her. I'll be posting descriptions of many of them soon.

Here's a few helpful hints on her appearance:
1. Her hair is described as copper, so there's some leeway there as long as it's not green.
2. Her fur pattern is based on the Mexican wolf.
3. She's a feral warden (paladin/ranger) and wears black leather armor with rust highlights.
4. There's some gem work on the cuffs and collar that can't be seen in the image. (red and blue)
5. She uses several weapons, including a saber with a blackened blade and a copper hilt.
6.The bow looks like it does below.
7. The rifle shown is one of the Vharkylia standard issue, but after the first encounter with the high elves, she switches to one of their weapons, which looks like a cross between an M-16 and an AK-47.
8. Her symbol is a rust silhouette of a howling wolf (very stylized) with banners above and below that read "I can still/hear the cannons." It appears on the left chest of her armor, but you can't see it in the image. Her flag is the same and she uses it a lot. She has small versions of it that she gives to freed high elf prisoners.
9. Her ship is an airship that looks like a standard sailing vessel (I picture a kat, but am very open on this as the book doesn't get specific) without the masts. The main body is red with a grey forecastle (the deck is unpainted) and a figurehead of a howling gray wolf. The front bottom is paned glass with the helm behind it. There are five metal circular plates evenly spaced behind the helm.

Did I mention that you should share this with all your artistic friends and family?

Terms and Conditions:
No purchase necessary. Valid only in places that receive payment via PayPal. We're not responsible for loss of value through currency exchange, although we'll do our best to be fair about it. Not valid for artists that have already received payment from Rossi Publishing Games for art. Not valid to anyone that knows Carl Rossi personally because he can't be quite that impartial. Official judges will be announced later, but Carl is one of them. Deadline is midnight July 31, 2016. Winners to be announced no later than August 15, 2016. Rossi Publishing Games reserves the right to post your submission on our Facebook page, but only the three winners will have their entries purchased by us for additional use in our products. All other artists retain rights to their work and are only restricted from using the protected content mentioned in the OGL for the Terah World Guide. Ask us if you need more details on that. We do reserve the right to not award prizes if none of the art meets our standards, but that's very unlikely.

Visit our facebook page for daily updates on other characters you can use in your artwork. fb/TerahProject

Still looking for writers and artists, but the project is moving ahead nicely. Not as fast I'd hoped, but not as slow as I feared.


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Carl Rossi
United States
Starting up in publishing and looking for both established and new artists that would like additional exposure.



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